Matthew Hollett

Writer & visual artist

St. John’s, Newfoundland & Labrador

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Album Rock: Looking back through the lens of Paul-Emile Miot

Album Rock:
Looking back through the lens of Paul-Émile Miot

My first book, Album Rock, is now available from Boulder Publications!

“Part art history, part road trip, and part detective story, Album Rock began when Matthew Hollett stumbled across an intriguing photograph from the 1850s on the website of the Corner Brook Museum and Archives. … A lively and insightful work of creative nonfiction and poetry, Album Rock touches on the history of photography in Newfoundland, Miot’s travels around the French Shore, and the power of naming in shaping our perceptions of a place. It’s also a celebration of curiosity and the joy of delving into the mystery of a peculiar photograph.”

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Created by Matthew Hollett.